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Tandem Bikes

Brickell Tandem (pictured above)
$1008.00 (base model single speed without accessories incl. taxes)
$1120.00 (base model seven speed without accessories incl. taxes)

Available Accessories:
$32.99 (woody bike rack)
$25.99 (double kickstand)
$10.00 (squeeze horns various animals are available)
$20.00 (combination or key lock)


There is no charge for assembly and delivery providing the delivery address is within Winnipeg city limits. Additional charges apply if delivered outside of Winnipeg’s city limits.

For details on our warranty policy for the Brickell Tandem click Brickell Tandem Warranty Info PDF

EZ Tandem Recumbent Side by Side (pictured above )

Available Accessories:

Storage Baskets
Side Mirror
2 Led Headlights
Handle Bar Insulated Cup Holder
2 Canopies
Brass Bell
Personalized License Plate (front and back)

For an additional $500.00 this hoist can be installed in your garage to allow you to keep the bike out of the way when not in use. Click on video below to see how it works:

To place your order call 204-298-2925 or email us at chad@bee2getherbikes.com

Berg Bikes


We are now a dealer for Berg Bikes. BERG Toys is the world market leader in sturdy pedal go karts and cool BalanzBikes.

What is unique about BERG Toys products?
The latest and fastest technology (incl. gears, shockabsorbers, disc brakes and on-board computers).
Eye-catching colours and great designs.
Muscle-powered products only, which makes for healthy fun.
Manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way.
All models have a simple seat adjustment.
CE & TUV approval marks, for super quality and safety.

BERG Toys has twenty years experience in designing, producing and selling go karts under its belt and strive to design durable products.
For details on our warranty policy for Berg products click Berg Warranty Info PDF

Click here to view our Berg products!