Rental Rates
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Boler Rental Rates

  • Weekly rental is 7 nights
  • Single night Boler rentals are $100.00
  • The BeeLux Scamp/Boler Camper is $110.00/night

Fire Wood

Dry wood is often hard to come by at campsites and is often sold for exorbitant amounts. We sell birch and or tamarack fire wood! Please notify us and we will have the wood ready for you when you pick up your Boler. Wood is sold either by the half bag (10 pieces of wood for $12.00) or full bag (20 pieces of wood for $20.00). Kindling is also available at no extra charge.

Boler Rental Rates

Renter’s Requirements:  Be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license and present a major credit card in the Renter’s name to secure all rental charges.


Methods of Payment:  Fees may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, or personal cheque.  $150 will be charged for any NSF cheque.  If paying by personal cheque, cheque must be received four weeks prior to the departure date. No camper will be loaned until the full payment of rental has been paid.


Reservations and Security Deposit:  Contact us to reserve the trailer.  A deposit is required to reserve your booking (half the amount of the rental).  This deposit will be applied to your rental.  After your deposit amount has been processed your reservation will appear on our calendar on this site with your initials beside it.


Cancellations:  If you have to cancel your reservation for any reason, your refund will be based on the following:

45+ days prior to pick up        = 100% refund
30-44 days prior to pick up      = 50% refund
Less than 30 days                  = 0% refund

Cancellation charges are subject to tax.


*There is a $20.00 charge for all cancellations that occur 45 days or more prior to reservations. If your cancellation occurs less than 45 days before your pick up date, then the $20.00 cancellation fee is waived. 


Contract Terms and  Conditions:  Outlined in Bee2gether Excursions Terms and Conditions disclosed at the time of reservation.  See below for General Conditions.


General Conditions:

  • Bee2gether Excursions reserves the right to refuse to rent to any party for any reason.
  • Sorry, no refunds will be given for early returns.
  • Pets are considered part of the family and are welcome in our trailers, however customers are responsible for any/all pet damage to the trailer as well as the additional cleaning charges required to remove pet hair, stains and/or odor.
  • We are proud of the condition of our trailers (both inside and out) and spend considerable time ensuring they are perfect for your use.  Please return the unit clean and with all equipment and supplies.
  • The units are non-smoking. If smoke is detected a minimum $300.00 charge will be deducted from your damage deposit to cover the cost of deoderizing.
  • Customers are responsible for repairs or replacement or tires in the event of a flat or blow out.
  • Before the unit is released, renters will receive a full orientation on the different features of the trailer and their use and a thorough inspection of the unit will take place.  All units contain an orientation manual for reference.
  • Bee2gether Excursions is not responsible for any damage sustained to the vehicle towing the Trailer.
  • Ensure that all towing requirements have been met and all tow vehicle equipment is operational and secure.
  • All Accidents must be reported to police and to Bee2gether Excursions.
  • Any personal property placed within the Trailer is there at the Customer’s own risk.


Insurance:  Is the responsibility of the Customer, as well as costs or repairs of any damage. Your rental includes the cost of licensing the unit and limited Collision/Upset insurance coverage. For your protection, please ensure that you have adequate third-party liability insurance (a minimum of $5,000,000 liability is preferred). Proof of this coverage is required before the camper is picked up. You must have collision and liability insurance on your car/truck with proof of insurance.