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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is anything required from me before I pick up my camper?
A. Yes, all renters must leave a deposit for half the value of rental in order for your camper to be reserved. Deposits can be made by providing us with a credit card number and expiration date, cash, or etransfer (chad@bee2getherexcursions.com) We suggest that all our renters get familiar with the Boler Manual (pdf file). Renters will have to present a copy of their vehicle registration and drivers license at the time of pick up to confirm validity of drivers license and insurance.


Q. How and where do I purchase $5 000 000.00 3rd Party Liability Insurance?
A. We recommend that all our customers purchase $5 000 000.00 3rd part liability especially if puling thought the United States. Most insurance companies have a minimum liability insurance of $2 000 000.00. To check what amount of insurance you currently have, check your insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased at a nominal fee a few days before your scheduled pick up time and can be purchased for for the duration of your rental. To purchase this additional insurance contact your local insurance broker.


Q. How will I know how to hook up and set everything up?
A. We conduct a thorough orientation with you prior to departure. All renters should arrive 30 minutes early to receive their orientation. For a speedy orientation please watch the orientation video which pertains to your rental. You can click this link which brings you to the page where you can watch our Boler or Scamp orientation videos: https://bee2getherexcursions.com/orientation-videos/


Q. Where are you located and where do I pick-up my camper?
A. Click Here for a map of our office location and where to pick-up your camper.


Q. When can I pick up my camper?
A. Pick ups are available by appointment only. To arrange for a pick up time, phone Chad or Kim at (204) 298-2925.


Q. Do I need a SUV or truck to pull a Boler camper?
A. No, a 4 cylinder car will easily tow Boler campers as it is a lightweight 13 foot camper. Our Bolers weigh 1000 lbs (90 lbs tongue weight) and our Scamps weigh 1300lbs (125 lb tongue weight)


Q. Do I need any special equipment to tow it?
A. Towing Requirements: Make sure you check your owner’s manual to learn the towing capacity of your vehicle. In order to secure your safety, we require no less than a Class II hitch which is attached to the frame of your tow vehicle. This class of hitch is rated to a maximum load of 3500 lbs. Clearance from the ground to the ball of the hitch should be 14″. A 1 7/8” diameter ball and a 7-pin round connector for running and taillights are also required. An adaptor is available for those who have 4-prong flat wiring. Tow bumpers will not be accepted. Be sure to check all your components are working properly. If you need to have a hitch installed on your vehicle or require assistance with your tow vehicle wiring contact Mitchell Welding at (204) 284-4994.


Q. What type of connector do I need to connect my vehicle to the Boler for lights?
A. You will require flat 4 pin connector. A four to seven pin adaptor is available should you not have the correct connector.


Q. How much clearance do I need?
A. Clearance from the ground to the ball of the hitch should be 14″. This is to ensure that the Boler pulls parallel to the ground.


Q. What size ball do I need?
A. Some of our campers require a 1& 7/8” diameter ball and others require 2″ balls. We have a variety of balls and mounts and will gladly let you borrow them should not have the right size ball and or ball mount.


Q. Can I let the kids ride in the camper while I am driving down the road?
A. NO!


Q. My wife and I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl—is the camper big enough for all of us?
A. Yes, the Boler camper has a full size, double bed for two adults (double bed dimensions are 6’6″ x 48″) and a bunk bed for each of the kids (dimensions of each bed is 6’6″ x 24″)

Note: Our BeeLux Scamp camper sleeps 3 people! The double bed dimensions are 6’6″ x 54″ and the single bed is 5’6″ x 30″.


Q. Is there a fridge in the Boler or BeeLux Scamp?
A. Some of our Bolers have a very small cooler in them but we strongly recommend that you bring along a larger cooler. Nowadays coolers can keep your items cool for 4 to 5 days providing the lids is firmly closed and icepacks are used. Our Bee Boler has an electric fridge and our BeeLux Scamp comes with a 3 way fridge.


Q. Is there a mileage limit that I can take the camper?
A. No! You can camp out on your driveway or take it all the way across the country.


Q. Can I rent the camper for a week if I want to use it for 4 days and my friend for the other 3 days?
A. No!


Q.How do I find out if your campers are available on the dates that I want?
A. To check for availability click on the calendar and look at the dates that you want. Each line on the calendar represents one Boler and we have a total of four Bolers available for rent and one Scamp. 5 lines means no availability, four lines means 1 is available, three lines means 2 campers are available, two lines means 3 campers are available, etc…  If there are no lines in the dates that you are looking for, then all our campers are available for rent. Call in as soon as possible and book your camper.


Q. How long can I rent the Camper?
A. We have daily, weekly and monthly rates.


Q.Can an adult sleep in the bunk beds?
A. The listed weight capacity for the top bunk is 100 pounds. Do not exceed the limit or damage will occur to the interior.


Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Yes! You can bring your pets along but the Bolers must be brought back to us in exactly the same condition they were rented in. If they are not, a cleaning feel will be charged.


Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. All of your essential personal items that you use everyday—soap, washcloths, towels, toothbrush—you get the idea. A robe or whatever to wear to toilets/shower house at campground. Sleeping bags or bed linens for both bunks and double size bed. Pack lightly but bring clothing that you will need. Some other things you may want to bring are: bottled water for drinking and cooking, cook ware, and disposable or unbreakable cups, plates, bowls, flatware, etc…


Q. Where can I cook?
A. There is a two burner stove inside all of our Bolers (propane provided with each rental). Outside you can cook on a grill or camp stove (not provided with rental). Bring pans and whatever else you need for your cooking.


Q. What if it’s a cold day?
A. Our Boler campers are equipped with excellent space heaters which get the campers nice and warm. Heaters have two settings for medium heat or high heat. Heaters also have a non heat fan setting which helps to circulate the air inside the Boler. Our Beelux Scamp camper has 2 heaters one runs of electricity and the other off of propane.